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    Screen sizes and resolutions

    As a designer working on screen layouts and graphical content for J2ME games it would be really useful to know the screen sizes (full screen) and actual resolutions (dpi) of the series 30, 40 and 60 phones.

    Does anyone have this information at hand?



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    Yes, graphic guidelines/phone would definitely be needed, even a simple definition for the size for e.g. the icons, the height of the blue bar in applications, the height of the softbuttons.. every time we build an application the graphic designers spend days just to get elementary information like that.

    Anyway, here is the sizes for 60 series, from the Developer Guide to Series 60 Category:

    The Series 60 UI display specifications are as follows:

    - Resolution: 176 pixels (width) by 208 pixels (height)

    - Square pixels

    - Physical size: about 35 mm (width) by 41 mm (height). Corresponds to approximately 0.2 mm pixel pitch

    - Significantly smaller pixel pitch risks making some fonts too small to be readable. Larger pitch is possible, considering usability issues

    - Color capability (4096 or more colors preferred)

    If anyone knows where/if graphic design guidelines (no, not the styleguide) can be found it would be a tremendous help.

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