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    Web App Being Cached

    I'm trying to test my web app on my phone, but for some reason, I am no longer seeing the latest version when on the phone when I deploy the app (for testing via ShortURL). I have confirmed the build is being successfully uploaded by modifying the initial page and opening the URL on my PC browser, but the Nokia browser on the phone is still showing me the version I uploaded at the end of last week.
    I've tried clearing the personal data from the nokia browser, but that had no effect, so the only other thing I can think of is that the phone is caching the app itself, somewhere. Does anyone have any idea where it is and how I can delete it, or if something else is going on here?
    Phone is a Nokia C2-02, and I'm using the latest version of the Nokia Browser (I deleted and redownloaded it earlier, but it had no effect), if that makes any difference.


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    Re: Web App Being Cached


    The only times something similar has happened to me is when I used an old goo.gl url without noticing that it had changed or I tapped the web app listed in the Nokia Browser's web app page and it was linking to the older version. I know that the goo.gl url will change if you edit values such as the web app name in the config file.

    I'm not sure if these could be issues for you, but they are simple enough to check. First clear the web apps from the Nokia Browser so that none appear in that list. Then be sure to successfully deploy your web app using the WDE and make note of the goo.gl url given to you and enter it completely in the Nokia Browser url bar. You may want to copy the url into a different text editor to make sure that you can see differences between '1's and 'l's (that caught me once).

    I'm out of ideas if that does not work. Post back here either way if you did resolve or could not resolve your issue.


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    Re: Web App Being Cached

    Unfortunately I'd already tried basically all of those things and none worked. Oddly, the version I get now is the one I uploaded last night, not the one I was previously seeing (although I'm still not seeing any changes I'm making right now when trying that URL).
    However, changing my project name did give me a new URL, and that one seems to be updating correctly on the phone for now, so that's something. Still have no idea what's causing the problem, but at least now I have a way around it. Thanks

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