I have a cross platform game on Symbian and Meego. My interaction with the specifics of each platform are generally based on the epong example as it seems to be the definitive / complete example for "regular" c++ / opengl engines. I am currently adding some features which require text entry from the user.

I have text input working on both platforms using QInputDialog::getText as per the epong example. This looks and works very nicely on Symbian, however on N9 the experience is less than ideal - I have two problems:

1. The text input widget that pops up is totally unstyled and jarring. The keyboard also only appears once the widget is tapped on again.
2. The orientation of the widget is landscape. My game is portrait, and currently everything works well with graphic rotation in GL and an XChangeProperty call so that the volume bar, closing gesture etc are correct. However this does not seem to affect the widget.

I see a guide at http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...d_applications however it expressly mentions that QDialogs should not be used with that approach to rotation.

I know that widgets are not actually recommended or supported, so I'm wondering what the best way is to go forward on this?