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    Question Reading bytes from Mifare Ultralight

    Im developing on Qt Meego for Nokia n9.
    I need to read Mifare Ultralight tags.
    (they have 16 sectors/pages from 0-15 and each have 4 bytes)
    I can read UID correctly and type gives me TagType2. (hopefully the returned tag type is correct) http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility/q...dtagtype2.html

    Now i would like to read bytes from different sectors.
        QNearFieldTarget::RequestId page3 = target->readBlock(3);
        QVariant response = target->requestResponse(page3);
        QByteArray p = response.toByteArray();
        nfcInfo.append("Bytes on page3: " + QString::QString(p));
    target is QNearFieldTagType2*

    but target->readBlock(3) is not working at all.
    just to be clear target->uid() works so reading is happening kinda correctly.
    In what way i could fix the readBlock() or implement it differently to get the bytes out from my card?

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    Re: Reading bytes from Mifare Ultralight

    Unfortunately, tag-type specific access is not possible in MeeGo Harmattan through the Qt Mobility NFC APIs (see: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility/c...y-api.html#nfc ).

    The code works on Symbian, but directly accessing bytes of NFC tags is unfortunately not available on the N9.

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