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    Nokia Maps API licensing questions

    I have a few questions regarding licensing www.developer.nokia.com/Develop/Maps/Quota/
    I've tried emailing locationapi@nokia.com , but no luck on reply so far.

    Any help with these questions will be appreciated, since I'd like to get started with Nokia Maps implementation as soon as possible.

    1. How is transaction defined, is it each time user open a map during his use of our app?
    2. Transaction fees, does that refer to payments above quota or is that payable for each transaction?
    3. Does "advertising revenue share" refer to other advertising sold inside our app, or just to Nokia Ads run on the maps?
    4. What is the business model difference between Nokia maps and http://api.maps.ovi.com/ , can OviMaps still be used ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Nokia Maps API licensing questions

    I can give a quick response to these questions directly, but you'll have to wait to get the official answer from the sales force if you need more details.

    1) For native mobile apps, we currently count 8 maptiles as one transaction. the model is rather more complex for web. Basically it is each time the JS library is loaded.
    2) If you are a standard free user, then yes, the fees only apply after the free limits. But if you have a premium license, then you pay from the start because you have control over advertising and an SLA
    3) Nokia does not allow 3rd party advertising directly on our canvases (maps or places etc). Just keep your advertising off the map canvas and Nokia is happy. You'll have to discuss revenue sharing on the app level, I haven't got details.
    4) Ovi Maps is just the version 1.0 of Nokia Maps with the old Ovi branding, you'd be much better off using the latest 2.1.1 Nokia Maps API. The business model will be the same.

    To upgrade from the Ovi Maps API to the Nokia Maps, two changes are required in the code:
    1) Replace http://api.maps.ovi.com/jsl.js with http://api.maps.nokia.com/2.1.1/jsl.js because the API is hosted in a different domain.
    2) Replace all instances of ovi.mapsapi with nokia.maps since the objects are created in a different namespace.

    Note the version number is now part of the URL for the JS Library, this will update as further releases occur.
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