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Thread: Feedback for N9

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    Post Feedback for N9


    Nokia Maps is the Most useful application in Nokia phones for me, its time to use it in the beautiful N9 but there is some options missing and i hope developers can add it with the next update.

    in the N9 Maps we don have the option to Edit Landmarks as we used in Symbian, we can only rename the location but no other information like Coordinates which is very important and the icon.

    there is no option to organize the landmarks in categories.

    also, an option to sent the locations via MMS in *.LMX format for other Nokia phones is required.

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    Post Recommended options for N9 messages


    Some recommended options we miss in the N9 messages:

    Folders : can not make folders to save some important SMS/MMS separately.
    Draft : no option to write an SMS/MMS and save it for later (it can be done by write some thing in the Note application and copy it to SMS later, long procedure :cool: )


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    Re: Recommended options for N9 messages

    Hi Dawood.q, welcome to Nokia Developer dicussion baord, as this discussion board mainly concentrates on Software developement issues for 3rd party, this might not be best place for device firmware feedback. Anyway I moved these messages from N9 section to here, since this is the feedback channel we have here, and in the general technology sections your message would be completely lost.

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