hey guys,

i've been playing with cordova (a cross platform mobile development library, for those who do not know). i made a few modifications in the files that are available at this link. however, when i try to build it, i get this error:

Starting C:\middler\cordovaqt-build-simulator\release\cordovaqt.exe...
Using "C:/middler/cordovaqt-build-simulator/release" as working dir
C:/middler/cordovaqt-build-simulator/release/qml/main.qml: Network error
C:\middler\cordovaqt-build-simulator\release\cordovaqt.exe exited with code 0

i've been searching for so long, but have been unable to find a single helpful link. i've cleaned the project and run qmake on it and then built but it still keeps giving that same error.

any help would be appreciated.