Thanks to the great help from people on this forum, I've gotten my app almost completely finished now, but there's one minor problem I'm still having - when running on device (C2-02, a touch screen phone, in this case), the browser's 'options' button (the one in the bottom left corner that you press to get the Exit button) seems to be creating an extra 30-40 pixels of blank space at the bottom of the app. Ie, if I have an empty body element with full screen height (320 pixels), there will be an extra gap at the bottom which the user can accidentally scroll down to.

Does anyone know if (ideally) there is a way to disable this button on a per-app basis, or, failing that, a way to stop this extra space being added to the bottom? At this point, I'm certain that it's the button that is causing this problem, as the gap always takes up the same space as the button, and I've tested with a completely empty <body> tag. I've had a look around, but I can't find anything that mentions it, so any help would be appreciated.