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    ServerCommunicationError when trying to use testserver mode


    I have succesfully tested my application on simulated mode having following lines in TEST_MODE.TXT:


    Purchase can be done without any errors. But so far I haven't been able to do any purchases using testserver mode, I cannot even get the product data. Here are the responses:

    [Qt Message] "SERVER => CLIENT MESSAGE: Message id: PRODATA, Request id: 4, Status: ConnectionError"
    [Qt Message] Error in the productInformationresponse

    iap_client->purchaseProduct(id, IAPClient::ForcedAutomaticRestoration);
    [Qt Message] "SERVER => CLIENT MESSAGE: Message id: PURDONE, Request id: 5, Status: ServerCommunicationError"
    [Qt Message] IAPClientImpl::socketReady(): Request 5 , status= "ServerCommunicationError" , purchaseTicket= ""

    I have tried all the test mode settings without any luck. For example:


    Any ideas what I have done wrong? Do I need to somehow modify the purchase items at publisher page to be able to use the testserver mode?

    Thanks in advance : )

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    Re: ServerCommunicationError when trying to use testserver mode

    Make sure that in your TEST_MODE.TXT file you only have the following lines:

    and make sure your phone has internet connectivity and nothings blocks him from connecting to the internet (like a firewall or blocked ports etc)

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    Re: ServerCommunicationError when trying to use testserver mode


    Make sure the device is able to connect Internet -- use browser to check connectivity. If you use wifi connection make sure SIM card is inserted into device. In case the problem still persists please provide more information.

    I re-checked currently available IAP -- cannot reproduce the problem. The advice of having "testMode=purchase" option does not affect on ServerCommunicationError --- you can use any of available test modes for purchase simulation and real user authentication.

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