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    Use of MNotification


    for my application I would like to implement a system wide notification with custom text that should be shown on the lockscreen and the event page. Additionally it would be really cool to show an icon in the status bar of the phone (...in the bar where the battery indicator is located)...

    I searched all QT examples in the QT SDK but I did not found a suitable demo. The only thing I found is the following link:

    where MNotification is explained... it is said that the "eventType" parameter can be used to change the behaviour of the notification...

    Is there a better way of getting a notification that behaves like an incoming email without using the "EmailArrivedEvent" since my notification is not an email???

    If we can create custom types - how can we show a custom icon in the status bar of the phone?

    Does somebody know how to do that?
    Are there any demo example/tutorials where this steps are covered?


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    Re: Use of MNotification

    To put it simpler....

    if I use:
    MNotification notification(MNotification::DeviceEvent, "", tr("Notification text"));
    This line breaks down to 3 questions:

    1. Will there be a default status bar indicator added when publishing such a notification?
    (http://harmattan-dev.nokia.com/docs/...tatus_Bar.html says there is a "Notifications indicator" - does this mean an indicator for such a simple notification?)
    2. Will such a notification be shown on the lockscreen and the events page?
    3. Any ideas how to change the icon or where to define the notification behaviour

    I get my N9 in a few days so I cannot test this behaviour... Would be nice if somebody can a few words...

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Use of MNotification

    If you don't have a device yet, you can use the Nokia Remote device access service: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devic...device_access/
    It allows you to use a device remotely.

    About your quesitons:
    1. by default only few events' icons are shown on the status bar.
    2. Yes
    3. IIRC to define a new event type you have to write your own conf file in /usr/share/meegotouch/notifications/eventtypes.
    The config file you find there could be modified to change events behaviour.
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    Re: Use of MNotification

    Thank you very much!!!
    Great information - thanks a lot...


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