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    Red face Problem: Display in Simulator and Device

    I have issue in development S40WebApps,,,

    The most important issue for testing on my nokia, so it looks the same as the simulator WDE and Display in Device.

    How do I ensure that?

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    Re: Problem: Display in Simulator and Device


    There are some minor differences between device and simulator, but in general, cloud preview is quite good match for real device.

    However there are couple of things to remember.
    - Transitions. Always use a real device, the one you are targeting you web app to, to check if performance is on acceptable level.
    - Use cloud preview in development instead of using local preview. Local preview is good for debug, but does not use proxy to run the JavaScript code.
    - Font size is not exact match between device and simulator. Leave some room in simulator, if you want to have text to fit in one row in device.

    (-Always test on a real device before publishing app in ovi store.)


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    Re: Problem: Display in Simulator and Device

    Isalento is right, its better to test it on actual/real device

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    Re: Problem: Display in Simulator and Device

    In the mean time, you might find alternative.... working on s40 devices remotely... if you have a developer account try your apps in S40 devices remotely, check out http://apu.ndhub.net/devices you can test web apps on target devices remotely.

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    Re: Problem: Display in Simulator and Device

    How can I install my s40 app on my phone? I have .wgt file and I want to install it on the Asha 302. How do I do that?
    I have tried deploying my app using Blue tooth launcher and by using the link provided by Nokia Web Tools. The app is not installed after this. There is no icon of my app on my phone. The app only runs once by using these methods.

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    Re: Problem: Display in Simulator and Device

    The most important step to archive this is to understand the capabillities of the browser. E.g. it only know small, normal and big font sizes and for the layout most of the time you have to use good old tables. There are several pdfs which talk about this, but you'll learn it by doing.

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    **EDIT: Is it possible that this forum changes the order criterias? Sometimes it's ascending, sometimes descending... To answer your latest question:
    I always use the short url method, there will no icon apear outside of the browser. If you submit the app to the store Nokia will wrap it in a launcher with an icon.
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