I apologize if this is a wrong discussion to post to, but I didn't find anything more suitable.

My experience of the Nokia Store showed that about 5% of all application reviews are actually questions addressed to the developer. Since a developer has no means to answer these questions besides improving their application and updating descriptions, the questions always remain unanswered which lowers customer satisfaction for both developer and Nokia Store.

Of course, there is a line "Contact publisher for issues found in content: website, e-mail" but it's not visible in Store Qt Client (specifically, N9, not sure about others) and I personally doubt users notice this line before posting their question into Reviews section.

So, I would like to make a suggestion, two alternative scenarios:
1) Make it more clear in all versions of Nokia Store that questions asked in Reviews section will not / cannot be answered by the developer, OR
2) Give the developer an ability to answer questions somewhere within Store (which can potentially have negative consequences but still better than making a user feel alone in the middle of the desert).