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    End user support

    I apologize if this is a wrong discussion to post to, but I didn't find anything more suitable.

    My experience of the Nokia Store showed that about 5% of all application reviews are actually questions addressed to the developer. Since a developer has no means to answer these questions besides improving their application and updating descriptions, the questions always remain unanswered which lowers customer satisfaction for both developer and Nokia Store.

    Of course, there is a line "Contact publisher for issues found in content: website, e-mail" but it's not visible in Store Qt Client (specifically, N9, not sure about others) and I personally doubt users notice this line before posting their question into Reviews section.

    So, I would like to make a suggestion, two alternative scenarios:
    1) Make it more clear in all versions of Nokia Store that questions asked in Reviews section will not / cannot be answered by the developer, OR
    2) Give the developer an ability to answer questions somewhere within Store (which can potentially have negative consequences but still better than making a user feel alone in the middle of the desert).


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    Re: End user support

    I completely agree with your request.
    I have the same issue with my apps. People do not read the app description and therefore do not understand what the app really is for.
    Then they write negative comments or help requests. If I as developer at least could add a comment , that would improve it a lot.
    Or if I as developer could send a reply to the user, I could get in contact with them. But without an explanation of why it doesnt work, there is no way of improving the apps.
    I sometimes get email requests from users, but most of them just write a comment like "doesnt work".

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    Re: End user support

    Funny how no one commented on this since March. Does this forum still have any purpose?

    I have the same problem as conxt. My application does not work on PR1.0 of Harmattan due to older location API, which I do not want to use. I can't make separate versions for PR1.0 and PR1.1 / 1.2 as the Nokia store does not make it possible. And I don't really want to support PR1.0 as it is an OBSOLETE system version that everyone should have updated months ago.

    So it is clearly written in the description that the application requires at least PR1.1. Of course, hardly anyone reads it, and those who do read it don't really understand what PR1.1 or 1.2 is as they confuse it with "MeeGo Harmattan 1.2" so they think they have PR1.2. The result is that I get annoying comments (and low ratings) saying that the application is cr*p because it doesn't work.

    And of course, there is no way for me to answer the comment or to contact those who posted the comments. And I've never received a single email from any such customer because everyone uses the mobile store on the phone, and the mobile version of the store DOES NOT show any customer support details (support email or web page).

    But I guess that now that the Nokia store is slowly FALLING APART there's no hope that this problem will ever be taken care of.

    On a different note, how can people still use PR1.0 on their N9s while TWO important system updates have been released since then, both OTA with automatic update availability notification shown on the phone, is completely beyond me.

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    Re: End user support

    Same problem here. Some customers don't understand how to use my app and instead of reading the documentation/manual, they give a bad rating and i don't have a chance to give them a feedback to sort out the problems they have.

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