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    Unhappy Wrong UIDs given for my app by Nokia prior to publish

    I have been notified by Nokia that they gave me a wrong range of UIDs when my app, PRO-KNOT was published. They have since supplied me with a corrected range of UIDs and asked me to take down the original app and re-submit a new app with the new UIDs.

    I am quite confused as to the effect this will have on my existing customers/users. For example, is the resubmitted app an 'update' to the current app or a whole new app? If it is a new app, what happens to our ratings, reviews, statistics of the original? We have many 5 start reviews...
    What happens if a user of the current app for some reason deletes it and goes to reinstall it? It would be gone, right?
    What happens to the purchasers of the current app if we do an update (to the new version) in the future - would they get it?

    This is all very unacceptable. Can you please assist me and my development team with this problem, caused by Nokia?

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    Re: Wrong UIDs given for my app by Nokia prior to publish

    Basically I assume that you are suing same content item, thus I would also assume that users would be able to update from it as well.

    anyway, when you change UID, devices are considering the application as a different one, thus in order to make the installation successful, you MUST also change each file name to be unique for the new package. Thus please do install old version on your test device, and then see that the new one does get installed correctly to the same device.

    Unfortunately there is no automated way on uninstalling the previous version in this case, thus if you need this to be handled, you would need to add codes for it into your application separately.

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