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    Question about QT SDK

    Hello, I'm new here and I have Big problem. I am a Student and I have to make thesis about Smartphones. I must to write program than enable the camera and make record when call from a certain number. Would you gave me some help for my problem? For Example where can I read about this,or is this possible?

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    Re: Question about QT SDK

    You should start by clicking the Developer tab on top, select Qt from there and get the latest QtSDK. Install it and start with helloworld tutorials.

    As soon as you are familiar with the tools, then try out examples shipped with the SDK as well as search examples from our wiki. You probably won't be getting all functionality in one example, so you need to modify and combine them. Anyway as soon as you have problems, just ask in new thread, and please remember to give enough details in your posts.

    Note though that Qt does not have any Telephony APIs, so you would need to use native code, i.e. with Symbian devices for example you would need to use Symbian C++ API CTelephony.

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