Dear All Ezxperts,

I have an application (Symbian C++ EXE without UI) with functionality :
- auto-start on device boot up
- auto-run after installation

i've got this :
TEST 6 — Auto-start behaviour
With the application running, find the settings for the application — either within the application itself or from the settings option on the device.
There must be an option which allows the user to enable/disable auto-start functionality.
Ensure that the setting for auto-start behaviour is disabled, and restart the device.
The application must not start on device boot.

Now change the setting so that auto-start behaviour is enabled for the application and restart the phone.
The application must start when the phone boots.

The User must always be in control.
If the application does not have auto-start functionality, then this test does not need to be run.

anyone could help me how to conform whit this test criteria for server application above???