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    Question blank vector item appended to a LWUIT list

    i am retrieving data from the database,then appending it to a lwuit list using the vector as follows:
    String [] v=new String(vector);
    list=new List(v);
    when the code runs,the items are appended well but there's an extra blank item appended to the list.how do i remove that.thanks.

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    Re: blank vector item appended to a LWUIT list

    Hi ali30,

    You could try to catch the extra character when you receive the data from the database so that your array doesn't contain it. One suggestion would be to parse your data character by character and look for non printable characters like \r \f \n \e. Or you could create a new String array similar to the original but without the last element as follows (provided that the blank is always the last item in the list):
    String [] v_new = new String[v.length - 1];
    for(int i=0;i<v.length-1;i++) {
        v_new[i] = v[i];
    list = new List(v_new);
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