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    Question How to Clear ALL CALL LOGS on a Click Event?

    Hi All,
    I want to delete all Call Logs(Dialed, Received and Missed) on a click event.
    I tried iLogViewRecent->RemoveL(myStatus);, but it din't worked.
    This is how I used it
    CLogClient* iClientLog = CLogClient::NewL(CEikonEnv::Static()->FsSession());
    CLogViewRecent* iLogViewRecent = CLogViewRecent::NewL(*iClientLog, EPriorityNormal);
    I also tried iLogClient->DeleteEvent(aLogId, iStatus);, but it is deleting only selected item from the log(Used Log Example available on Wiki).

    Basically, I want to clear all call logs on a click event. I don't want to retrieve and display the logs.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

    Tried searching it on Developer Wiki but din't find any thing suitable in my clause.

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    Re: How to Clear ALL CALL LOGS on a Click Event?

    Do not forget checking the documentation prior to posting questions here. Focus on methods starting with Clear.

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    Re: How to Clear ALL CALL LOGS on a Click Event?

    You can try this
    ClearLog(TInt aRecentList, TRequestStatus &aStatus);
    ClearLog(const TTime &aDate, TRequestStatus &aStatus);
    for more information you can refer

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