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    Lightbulb ItalianLab Belle Plugin [v5.0.0]

    Hi Theme Makers, since Nokia's developers seems to have some troubles with plugins I've made this one for Carbide 4.3 from Belle official one. Here there are changes:

    - - Supports S^3, Anna, Belle and Belle Refresh/FP1/FP2 all in one! (only Belle preview anyway)
    - Fixed and improved elements organization
    - Added many elements from TMA Plugin
    - Many new default icons
    - Removed lot of useless old stuff

    UPDATE: version 3.0.0
    - Added Belle FP1 Support
    - Added MS Office Icons
    - Minor tweaks

    UPDATE: version 3.1.0
    - Fixed Java null errors
    - Removed IHF icon in toolbar, it caused a bug on phone
    - Reorganized "Indicators" section
    - New plugin icon

    UPDATE: version 4.0.0
    - Added Contact icons like Add, Favourites, General Image
    - Added some icons in Clock app
    - Fixed dropdown icons like Music Player, USB, Alarm Clock
    - Added "Download" icon in Video App
    - Added "Album" icon in Gallery app
    - Added all Widget editing icons
    - Added loading/editing widget highlights
    - Added loading circle animation (reboot required to get visible)
    - Added some missing icons in FMGR app
    - Fixed "+" and "-" in Mail app and added also for SMS
    - Added all IMAP folders icons in Mail app
    - Added missing icons in New Calendar Element creation
    - Added Dolby on/off icons
    - Added Play/Pause/Rewind/Forward buttons in Video Player
    - Added "+" and "-" indicators for volume slider
    - Added "Offline" indicator for Belle toolbar
    - New icons categories to improve speed of Carbide. Now you need to edit into "Carbide.ui Symbian\Eclipse\TPI\icons.xml" the string <task name="ICONS"> into <task name="MENU ICONS"> in order to make your Third Party Icons work.
    - Various other fixes/tweaks

    UPDATE: version 4.1.0:
    - Belle Refresh support with new Music Player elements
    - Further elements reorganization
    - other small tweaks

    UPDATE: version 5.0.0:
    - Added new elements from FP2 plugin
    - FP2 new volume bar
    - new previews
    - bux fixing and better elements organization

    UPDATE: version 5.1.0:
    - Added Emergency Call Buttons for FP2
    - Added FP2 Submenu Indicator
    - Removed Pressed Widget Highlights as caused bugs on FP1/2
    - other small fixes

    Knows issues:

    - it has the same bugs of the official ones like widgets and other elements non skinned. Probably these are phone's FW issues...
    - FP2 keyboard is not skinnable, because is now seen as a separate app like gallery or camera. Very bad...

    To install put the "ItalianLab_Belle_5.1.0.201210222138" folder into C:\Program Files\Nokia\Carbide.ui Symbian\eclipse\plugins, or whatever into the plugins folder. Carbide has to be closed as you do this. On next start should be recognized.

    I've been testing and working on this for many months, and finally I think that's ready to be published. My latest themes, like Rugge's and Giulio7g's ones currently on Nokia Store are made with this.

    To pass QA process for either S^3, Anna and Belle you have to manually add S^3 and Anna platform compatibility by editing sis with SisContents, otherwise by default the theme is read as compatible only for Belle. If you don't publish on store nevermind, theme will work anyway.

    So here it is, I hope you like it!

    Last edited by Simograndi88; 2012-11-06 at 09:34. Reason: added version 5.0.0

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