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    Testing a self-signed / not signed app fails

    I have a Nokia 5230 device, I don't have a sim card with net acess. If I run a Qt example from qtsdk, like fingerpaint, selfsigned, it runs ok. I have notice this example doesnt have a TARGET.UID3 in the pro file.

    If I create a new empty qt widget mobile app project, it will have a uid like TARGET.UID3 = 0xE67A6745. If I run it as self-signed, my phone display's a "download error" when installing.

    If I change from selfsigned to not signed, i get :
    ":-1: error: Installation failed: 'Certificate is invalid or expired, or the phone's clock may be different than the host's, or protected SID/VID or requested capabilities may need signing' Code: 131073; see http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...OS_Error_Codes for descriptions of the error codes".

    What am I doing wrong ? My phone date and hour are correct.

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    Re: Testing a self-signed / not signed app fails

    Basically I can not remember seeing "download error" with development stuff, so please check if you trying to use Smart installer with your app, smart installer does require internet connection, and you can not use it if you don't have one.

    Then make sure you have installed all dependencies found from the SDK into the target device, before you attempt to install your application.

    All application are required to be signed, and all applications are requiring UIDs which are unique, so you are better off by defining your own. And if you want to distribute the app. You should get the UIDs from symbian signed (or from Nokia store, if you are using the store for distibution)

    With different signing methods you do need to use different UIDs, basically with Selfsigning the real UIDs are often starting with 0xA... and with symbian signed ones are then often 0x2..., the 0xE.. is for testing purposes only, anyway, it should work with self-signing as well, so it should not be problem. And if it would be problem, then the error note would be very different.

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    Re: Testing a self-signed / not signed app fails

    Indeed the problem was the smart installer, without it, just for testing, it works.
    Thank you.

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