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    Application not responding

    hi , i have developed application for n950.i m facing problem
    "Application not responding" when i try to fetch data from db or some other device(via bluetooth).
    i think this happen due to UI thread block. i got suggestion
    "You have to fill the model (or any other long function) in another thread not to block the ui one"
    i already use signal slot.
    please let me know how to fix this issue. thanks for advanced.

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    Re: Application not responding

    >> i already use signal slot.

    May be you have to explain this a little bit more to be helpful.
    How you have did or may be a short code snippet?

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    Re: Application not responding

    Correct your app can be unresponsive if long operations are computed in the main thread (the one which the UI runs).
    We don't have any code to see and comment....
    So what I can suggest you is to take a look at those articles that you may find interesting:

    or you could also use this other approach since I guess you have already a class.

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