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    Custom Landmarks

    If I have understood correctly, the best way to implement Google API style of custom pins is to use Landmark APIs 'cause this way one would get all the QML plugins and filtering.

    However, I'm not that sure if I would like to import my custom "landmarks" into the default landmark store as there will be hundreds of thousands of them eventually.

    There is very little info about steps required in implementing your own QLandmarkManagerEngine which I suppose is needed here.

    To implement your own plugin, you need to subclass QLandmarkManagerEngine and provide the implmementations for the virtual functions, and then create a QLandmarkMangerEngineFactory subclass that will instantiate your particular engine implementation.

    To add more into the mix, is that I have a background application that is inserting new "landmarks" into a SQLite database, this application should be independent of the UI app. Again, if I have understood correctly there are two ways of sharing the SQLite database:
    1) placing the file into a public folder on the phone and using read-only from the UI app, while bg app is writing to it
    2) creating a QService wrapper for it

    So in the end, I'm looking into implementing a QLandmarkManagerEngine with QService as a backend, right? Any pointers to something that might be helpful, or just if this approach is feasible?

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    Re: Custom Landmarks


    you can can have multiple connections to one database with QSqlDatabase (that actually represents a connection)

    If you are going to share your db among several applications -- you will need to implement a db server provider that will be discovered and instantiated by your application client via mobility service framework. Otherwise implement db manager singleton class within your application -- the most cheapest and sufficient solution.

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