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Thread: IAP questions

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    IAP questions

    i have some questions regarding using IAP
    1- what is the percentage of the publisher, operator and nokia?
    2- The content will be in my server, and the content will be changed everyday how can i register its id in ovi.
    3- can i set external content urls in the app and pass the the nokia QA?

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    Re: IAP questions


    Please my answers for point 2 and 3 below:

    -- if your content is so generic i suggest you to submit generic names for your products on publisher console, for example "monthly subscription" , "weekly subscription", "the app developer support" aka "donation" and so on. NOTE: product items you declare in OVI Publisher console shall clear describe what it is for so Nokia's Quality Assurance team can verify them at the time of submission – i.e. for example loyalty points or prepayments for future releases will not be accepted.

    -- it looks like non-DRM product protection model --- please check IAP guideline for that

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