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    EAknLogicalFontPrimaryFont and the primary "Settings" list box font


    I am looking for a way to get the primary CFont* used in the standard "Settings" list boxes throughout the OS (similary to http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...custom-listbox)

    In the S60 3rd ed FP1 emulator, the font return by
    AknLayoutUtils::FontFromId( EAknLogicalFontPrimaryFont, NULL )
    is close enough to the Settings list box font, it is just a bit bigger (182 twips vs. 156 twips for the Settings list box font).
    Should I hardcode the 156 twips in the application to get the correct font, or is there a constant I could use, or a better way to get the desired CFont*?

    Thanks in advance for any comment or suggestion.

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    Re: EAknLogicalFontPrimaryFont and the primary "Settings" list box font

    Basically you should never hard code anything, unless you know that the thing you are trying to mimic is also hard coded. And to check this one out, you actually would need to have access to source codes which I suppose you would not really have.

    Then you could check the API docs for the components used, and see whether there is any function/method etc. which with you could query the font used in the control, or maybe set new one so it would match the font used by you in other components.

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