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    Nokia Places API FAQ

    Welcome the Places API

    Use this forum for discussion of the Places API - this is a web service that allows you to offer HERE Places data directly to the users of your application. Official support for this API can be found on StackOverflow,but you can still ask questions about how to use it from this community. StackOverflow is great for Q&A but if you want a free flowing discussion then this forum is better. Questions will be answered in both places. Please understand the etiquette and rules before posting as listed in the FORUM FAQ
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    Re: Nokia Places API FAQ

    Q: What is the HERE Places API?
    A: The HERE Places API is a RESTful web service API that allows you to offer places data from the HERE Cloud (as used in HERE Maps) direct to the users of your application whilst maintaining your own look & feel. The Places service supports a variety of use cases that center around two major features:

    • Place discovery – Help users find the places relevant to them
    • Place information retrieval – Provide detailed information about places users are interested in

    The API follows RESTful principles. It defines resources that represent the entry points for the supported use cases and uses hypermedia links to describe the application flow within a selected use case

    Q: Where can I find examples of the API in action?

    Examples of the use of the API can be found under the 'Places & Search' section of the API explorer at:
    http://developer.here.com/javascript_api_explorer/, click on Switch to the REST API explorer on the top right of the page to obtain REST API examples

    Q: Where do I get an app_id and token?

    1. Open the HERE Developer Site - http://developer.here.com/ and in the top-right corner click Sign in, then pick one option:
      • Log in with your HERE account credentials – you may need to create an account first.
      • Log in with your Facebook account credentials.
    2. Open My Apps, click Create App and follow the on-screen instructions.

    see : http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ppID_and_Token

    Q: How do I generate an new app_id and token.

    1) Log in to http://developer.here.com/
    2) Click on NEW APP.
    3) Once an app_id and token pair is generated, click on the name of your app to see the details, you should see something like:

    App ID: zqq7NvxXXXXXXX6zgAE
    Token: UFgJ8GuXXXXXXXXlkizjrD%3F%2D

    The token is the longer string of the two, the app_id is the shorter string do not use the name of the app. You should generate a new app id for each application you create.

    Q: Where is the reference documentation for this API

    The explanation of the various URL parameters and examples of use can be found at:

    Q: I think I have discovered a bug, how should I go about reporting it?

    When reporting a bug for the HERE Places API on this discussion board, please utilize the template below.
    • Steps to reproduce: (full request details would be awesome ie. full URI + all headers)
    • Actual Results: (full response details)
    • Expected behaviour: <what should have happened>
    • Other details: <anything else you want to note that is relevant to the incident>

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