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    Problem with XMLHttpRequest

    hi all,
    When I use XMLHttpRequest object in Widget, I found that it doesn't work well in case of the URL with parameter like http://sample.com?a=1&b=2
    It always get the HTML content of the origin url http://sample.com and not recognize the parameter.
    If anyone has experience on the same problem, please help me.

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    Re: Problem with XMLHttpRequest


    I'm pretty sure that parameters should work.

    Is the server you are connecting to under your control or is it just some 3rd party web service?
    If it is under your control, you might want to add some debug loggin to server end.

    Have you checked if you can get the correct response, from the serve, when using web sdk simulator's "Web inspector"?


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    Re: Problem with XMLHttpRequest

    Thanks, I will check it then.

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