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    Upgrade an application PU vs SA

    Hi Folks,

    I need to upgrade an application at Nokia store but I'm in front of the following issue:
    - The Symbian^3 version needs to be upgraded using TYPE=PU in the symbian application header, because there is a file which can not be removed.
    - Using the strategy above the upgrade works fine, but in case of the is installing the application at the first time, it not work because the base package (first version of application) is not installed.

    How can I solve this? Is there an way to proceed a dual installation mode? Or, how can I can backup the file before start the installation without annoy the user?


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    Re: Upgrade an application PU vs SA

    Basically with teh store, you should simply make new complete sis file, and not use upgrades. This way you can ensure that old & new customers can safely install it.

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