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    Invalid Support Website

    I submitted two app's for Meego and they are rejected by QA with reason "Invalid support website". I used by blog as support with valid email address and still QA insist that i should use website and not blog. I have 5 app's listed in OVI store with my blog as support website and never faced such problem. When i asked about how my previous app's were approved, they mentioned it all should be rejected as well.

    How do you guys handle support website ? I don't see any advantages that website has over blog. At the end of the day, a user needs a valid email address to contact developers for support or issues. I don't want the hassles of purchasing domain etc ..

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    Re: Invalid Support Website

    Hello vinothg,

    Please note that the support site should provide users a clear means to contact the developer. A clickable email address or "Contact Us" should be apparently when a user clicks the support website.

    I would advise to either create a free-domain basic website for your application or use your blog site but add a support email address on the top of the page for easy access.

    Nokia Publish Support

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