This month Den Grigorenko (Den123) has been selected as COM winner.

He has wrote a number of articles showing new QML components that are consistent with the Symbian platform look and feel - for example QML Change Password Dialog, QML component ActionList, QML Day of Week & Time Dialog, Tumbler based SelectionDialog, Advanced MultiSelection Dialog, QML Day of Week & Time Selector, Splash screen while loading main qml, QML Component AccordionList etc. Furthermore, he has created the community project "Symbian Community Qt Quick Extras" to host these components and make them even easier for the rest of the community to re-use.

We think these make it a lot easier for developers to work with Qt on Symbian, and to understand how to write "platform friendly" QML components.

Most months a Nokia Developer member that contributes high quality new articles or major edits is named the ''Contributor of the Month'' and is awarded a Nokia Multimedia device for his/her contribution to the developer’s community. You too can be a Contributor of the Month by simply contributing useful articles, example codes, tutorials, or by significantly shaping up the already existing ones. If you have significant edits to the existing pages then please bring these to my attention.