The search function in the Nokia Store is not working properly.

First of all, searching by KEYWORDS does not work at all, at least not for content added in the last few weeks. None of the keywords I have configured for my application finds it.

Secondly, searching by application name does not work properly, either. In the past it was possible to find an application by entering PART (e.g. one word) of its name, but it does not work this way any longer. Now I can find my application only if I enter its FULL, EXACT name.

Thirdly, application description is not used for searching at all.

Example - my application called "MoonCalc for MeeGo". Keywords: moon, astronomy, sky, planets, universe, cosmos, phase, space, sun, compass.

NONE of the keywords finds my application. Entering "Moon" (which is both a keyword and also part of the name) does not find it, either. And nothing else does.

The *ONLY* way to find my application is to enter its full, exact name, i.e. "MoonCalc for MeeGo".

This makes the search function almost completely useless and makes it very difficult for users to find an application of their interest. If users interested in astronomy type "astronomy", "moon", "universe" etc to find applications of this kind, they DON'T get my application listed.

Have you been experiencing lower revenue lately? It's probably due to broken search - people simply cannot find your application in that sea of those "App Wizard" based RSS feeds...

I hope someone can take care of it.