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Thread: 5100 Us/eu

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    5100 Us/eu

    I noticed that Nokia ships its 5100 (and other devices) equipped with two different browser implementations. 5100 targeted at the US market supports xHTML whereas the EU version does not.

    I assume this is because the 5100 was launched a couple of months earlier on the European market. Is that the reason for not shipping it with a xHTML-capable browser? If so, will there be a firmware upgrade in the near future which would add this to 5100 EU models?

    Thanks for any clarification.

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    yes, it is true that Nokia 5100 shipping in Europe is WAP 1.2.1 compliant whereas Nokia 5100 for US markets is WAP 2.0 (XHTML Mobile Profile over TCP/IP stack). Currently there are no plans to introduce Nokia 5100 with WAP 2.0 browser to European market.

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