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    Questions on billing action triggerred by Status Report Server

    I have read carefully on the OMA download specification and Nokia COD specification. I am evaluating the OMA download platform technology for real use for some operator.

    Spec says that when status report is sent using HTTP post, status report server will trigger some billing action for commercial service.
    If billing action is to be done, I think there should be some information as follows.

    Who downloads Which Contents?

    Because the price and billing model of contents may differ from content to content. The billing mechanism should keep track of the downloaded content.
    Also, the user identity such as mobile phone number is required to keep track of the target user to whom billing is charged.

    But in the OMA spec or COD spec, there is no statement on this issue.
    Status report includes only message and result code such as below.
    900 success

    I wonder how status report server can know "who downloaded which content" from the data of status report sent from device.

    Is this issue outside of scope of OMA download spec?
    If so, I think Status report server can use the HTTP request User Agent Header or UAProfile to know the user identity who downloaded.
    But if status report server uses these method, I think there is no way to know the correct content? I think the identity of content downloaded into the device is crucial because the price may be different from content to content.

    Thanks for your kind reponse.

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    We are also working on a similar kind of platform here in India to deploy on a GSM Carrier. Actually we are in the testing phase of our Content Distribution Platform.
    You can visit our website at www.winetindia.com

    Now lets come to the solution to your problem.

    You'll need to take care of it as:

    1) Make use of Dynamic COD/DD File generations rather than static COD files. Use some server side language like ASP, PHP, JAVA. We are using ASP.

    2) When using a server side, you can come to know what content you are pushing to the user and also what is user's identification i.e. the MSISDN. in your billing Server reporting url in the COD file you can have the parameters in the URL query string as Item Type & MSISDN.

    So with this your billing server can come to know whom to bill and for which content type to bill. Rest all is simple enough to implement from a technology stand point. Any queries mail me personally on kunal@wnplindia.com

    Kunal K Arora
    Product Manager
    Wireless Networks P Ltd
    Chandigarh INDIA

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