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    I Want Emulate the V60 of the Nokia5800 firmware,how can I?

    Hello, I want to emulate in my PC (Windows 7) version 60 of my Nokia device 5800 (5th edition) with the SDK, as I can upload the files (: ROFS, uda, fspx, v **) to the emulator???

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    Re: I Want Emulate the V60 of the Nokia5800 firmware,how can I?

    AFAIK there is no documentation available publicly on how would you modify any 5ht edition emulator to be excat match to any specific device & its firmware. Anyway closest to it you would get by using the emulator that comes with 5th edition SDK. Then again do remember that emulators do require emulator build files, and the files build for devices will not work with emulator.

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