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    Angry How to include gstreamer in Qt Application

    How to include gstreamer header files to the Qt Symbian application.
    now i got Recipe linkandpostlink error when i include the gstreamer header files in to the qt symbian project.

    Eventhough i changed
    from the code,
    <set name="RVCTLIB" value=""/>
    <set name="RW_BASE" value="$(RW_BASE_OPTION)0x400000"/>
    <set name="RW_BASE_OPTION" value="-Wl,-Tdata,"/>
    <set name="RVCTLIB" value=""/>
    <set name="RW_BASE" value="$(RW_BASE_OPTION)0x700000"/>
    <set name="RW_BASE_OPTION" value="-Wl,-Tdata,"/>
    but it shows the same error message.
    Give the solution for this if u know..

    Thanks in advance.
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