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    How to creat a chat messenger GUI app with UI design for 5th edition

    hello everyone,

    i am new and working with symbain carbide.c++ S60 (5th edition). i want to create a chat messenger (GUI app with UI design). firstly i want to make a UI design for chat messenger (like chat messenger demo).
    can anyone say me what the basic step to create UI design view for chat messenger. please suggest me as soon as possible.
    please give me some online tutorial book web address for..... symbain carbide.c++ S60 (5th edition book) that is helpful for me.

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    Re: How to creat a chat messenger GUI app with UI design for 5th edition

    As you are really beginner for application development for Symbian devices, I would strongly suggest that you would look into Qt development, it would make your learning a lot easier.

    Only reason why you would need to do it with Symbian c++ would be the requirement to get it working with non-touch Symbian devices as well.

    and in that case, you would simply need to combine different examples together, since it is likely that you won't be finding any example that would fit your use cases directly.

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