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    S40 6th edition Permissions

    This topic was probably present many times on the forum, but my question is a little different from all the others. I have bought a C3-01 Nokia. It's a touch screen mobile phone that has S40 6h FP1 installed.

    The permissions on the phone allow me to ask only once to read or write to a file. For me that's enough, the problem is that this mobile phone a little too expensive for my needs. So a purchased a C2-01.

    Now, the problem with this new mobile phone are the permissions. I cant have the same permissions as the C3-01. So it always asks me if it can read or write to a file instead of only once. That is really annoying...

    So my question is, without signing the app, how can i get the same permission as the C3-01 in my new mobile C2-01? Is it possible?

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    Re: S40 6th edition Permissions

    Hi toxicvolt and welcome to the Nokia Developer Discussion Boards!

    The Nokia Security Policy is supported for Series 40 devices from Series 40 6th Edition, Feature Pack 1 onwards. So as far as I know it is not possible without signing the application.


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    Re: S40 6th edition Permissions

    It is indeed the case that you can't manually change the access permission on your C2-01 to "Ask first time" without signing your application because Series 40 6th Edition (C2-01) has different Access Rights for the untrusted domain compared to Series 40 6th Edition Feature Pack 1 (C3-01).

    If the application might be something that you think others could find useful, you can consider publishing it to Nokia Store. That comes with free signing.

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