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    Thumbs down Veriication Link Never Come


    A couple days ago I registered to SymbianSigned.com. Everything was fine when submitting the form. However, the verification link never come to my email so I can't login to my account. Unfortunately, there is no such feature where I can resent my verification link. Should I wait for the mail until the end of my life? Please help me with this issue. I also have set an email to symbian.signed@nokia.com too.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Veriication Link Never Come

    Check your spam inbox.
    Usually symbian acount, reply to you during next 24 hours.

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    Re: Veriication Link Never Come

    Usually the verification mail is sent immediately after u create an account and at a max it takes 1 day.
    So as already specified u can check ur spam mails, and even if there is any problem in ur mailid u dont get any mails.
    So u can email/contact the team with ur particulars

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