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    Unlock lumia 800 (For Testing/developing purposes)


    I'm an official nokia developer. My problem is that I've bought
    a nokia lumia 800 and I'm not being able to install apps (My own apps , built by myself) in my device.
    I know that the official policy of Microsoft is to sell their phones locked to promote the Marketplace service.
    But is important to test an app in an device (not only in the simulator) before upload it to the marketplace.
    My question is , there is an official way for registered and official developers to unlock this device?

    For more information , I could be a DreamSpark program member,(Cause my university is in the program) maybe it could help me.

    Thanks for the answer.


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    Re: Unlock lumia 800 (For Testing/developing purposes)

    Microsoft can unlock the device. If you are eligible for DreamSpark, use that way.

    (The generic approach would be joining Microsoft's developer program, and get a refund later if you are also a member of a Nokia developer program providing such offer. The DreamSpark way is just simpler in my opinion.)

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    Re: Unlock lumia 800 (For Testing/developing purposes)

    There are other options also.

    You should try bto contact your local Windows Phone Champion from the local Microsoft Subsidiary and ask him/her if are there any programs or offers going on. For example in Portugal recently anyone that published 5 apps on the Market where entitled to a phone and anyone with 3 or more apps ready to submit to the market would get a free developer account.

    There have been such offers all over the world.

    If you dont know how to find your local champion... take a look at this:

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