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Thread: WMS Service URL

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    WMS Service URL

    Hello! Is there a WMS Service URL for Nokia Maps? If not, are there plans to make such a service available? thanks.

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    Re: WMS Service URL

    There is not currently a WMS service URL available for the RESTful Maps API. There are no ongoing plans as yet to implement one, but I've suggested it to the development team for consideration in a future release.

    As far as I can see the URL:

    Would map to: http://m.nok.it/?poi=52.5338,13.2966...=560&h=350&f=1

    since there is basically a 1-1 mapping for parameters. So it would be possible to rig up your own WMS service, with your own app_id and token if you wish.

    The only problems I can see with implementing WMS directly is that the specification does not extend to including authentication easily - there is no equivalent of app_id and token. If it is permissible to add these as obligatory sample dimensions in the request, then it would be relatively easy to add a WMS URL.

    If you could give some more indication on how you would like to use the RESTful Maps API as a WMS service, I can try to push for this change more forcefully.

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