Firstly, Thanks to Nokia for the Feature pack 1 update, there are lot of remarkable improvements.
However I found few issues with my device after the update which I believe could be resolved easily:
1. First time when I open Mail Client, it simply showed a black screen without any thing on the screen except back button and options button at the bottom, when I pressed the options button at the right down corner, then items like 'new mailbox', 'settings' are visible in the background of the rollout. This was noticed immediately after I installed the update. Then casually I rearranged few icons in the main menu and revisited mail client then every thing is visible (New mailbox, settings, etc). After two days the problem repeated and rearranging the icons brought everthing back to normal. This could be a bug, not sure though.
2. I am using nokia battery monitor 3 and in the statistics I found few applications "aknspasrv" "widgetui" running in the background and consuming major share of battery power. These I never observed before the update. What are these and how can we reduce the usage of these apps and save battery capacity.