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    About device for testing purpose?

    Is their any plan for Individual developers to get nokia devices at discounted price.? And also wanted to know about eligibility criteria for that.
    Narendra Kumar

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    Re: About device for testing purpose?

    Try for Nokia Developer Launchpad program, But not sure about discounted price

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    Re: About device for testing purpose?

    AFAIK the discounted device program was suspended sometime back and so was application for newer launchpad memberships for individuals. You could always apply for launchpad membership through your company if you are part of one. That said, again the DDP would not be there.

    I could stand corrected if otherwise.

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    Re: About device for testing purpose?

    What platform/device are you targeting? Series 40 can be bought quite cheaply used. Older Symbian phones are sold for good prices even if new. And if you want to go for Windows Phone, you can go for the first generation phone of Samsung or LG. Only a MeeGo would be a bit expensive – although it might be worth it.

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