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    Question Vibration/tacile feedback with silent profile


    I'm developing some apps for S60 5th and Symbian 3, Anna and Belle. They all consider tacile feedback in form of vibration, because the use is much more easier and better then.

    Now there's a problem: In Symbian Belle (and I think also in older versions) I'm able to set touchscreen feedback on in the profile settings independent from the profile type, for example
    -Profile type: silent
    -Touchscreen tacile feedback: On

    And when navigating through the OS or in C++ or Qt apps, I feel then also tacile feedback, but not in J2ME apps. Is there any method, maybe in a Nokia API, to get this work? So that tacile feedback is available in silent profile mode?

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Vibration/tacile feedback with silent profile

    Hi Sebastian,

    It depends on what type of UI Components (high level, or low level) you have included in your application. Typically high level LCDUI Components get default tactile feedback automatically from the platform.
    The following LCDUI low-level components:


    as well as eSWT's
    Widget Control
    can be controlled in Java ME application by using the TactileFeedback Class which is part of the Nokia UI API

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    Re: Vibration/tacile feedback with silent profile

    Thanks for the reply and the links, I will have a look at it...

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