I want record a video and write a text on it, with Symbian-Belle.

I begun to search in google and I found a lot of examples, but all with still images. Also the QCamera example in Qt4.7.0 does only save a single shot and not the stream.

I want to see the stream on the display and also record that stream on the phone.

With this code, I get the video stream:
// Own video output drawing that shows camera view finder pictures
    //! [0]
    QMediaService* ms = m_camera->service();
    QVideoRendererControl* vrc = ms->requestControl<QVideoRendererControl*>();
    m_myVideoSurface = new MyVideoSurface(this,this,this);
    //! [0]
and with present, I get the frame buffer:
m_frame = frame;
    if (surfaceFormat().pixelFormat() != m_frame.pixelFormat() ||
            surfaceFormat().frameSize() != m_frame.size()) {
        return false;
    } else {
        return true;
(token from QCamera example).

But how can I save the stream to the memory? And how can I add a text to this buffer? If I add the text in the paint-event, I can only change the surface contents on the display.