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    NMSS Example App problems


    I have been having problems getting the example app that comes with NMSS working.

    I followed your advice and installed library version 1.0 for the NMSS API. I still can't get the example to work.

    I'm not sure if I'm doing the right things so here is a breakdown of what I have done.

    I installed and configured the BES Server and the NMSS. I Installed the Java Library (I have 1.1 and 1.0 on the system now).

    I put the following in my classpath:

    I start the BES server

    Then Start NMSS applet.

    I have an emulator set up in the NMSS with the following details:
    Name of Emulator testORG
    type = MMSC
    mode = terminating
    port = 8191
    Logging Level = Debug
    Validator = Default
    Store Messages = Store in DB

    I have changed these lines in the config file which is found in


    mmsc.Engine.MMSCURL = http://localhost:8190
    mmsc.Engine.server.port = 8191

    I saw these server and port settings suggested elsewhere in the forum.

    The mode is:

    I also added a row in the platform configuration table (just in case):
    +48605621249/TYPE=PLMN Routed to: http://localhost:8190

    I then try to run the example app and get the following error messages:

    C:\Nokia\Server_SDKs\Libraries_1_0\examples>ant run-mms
    Buildfile: build.xml


    [javac] Compiling 2 source files to C:\Nokia\Server_SDKs\Libraries_1_0\examples\out

    [java] Loading configuration data from mms/data/MMSServiceApp.properties ..
    [java] 13:57:00,120 [DEBUG] com.nokia.mobile.services.driver.common.httpsrv
    .HTTPServerEngine: Initializing engine with parameters={server.port=8191, ssl.en
    abled=false, mode=originating, MMSCURL=http://localhost:8190}
    [java] 13:57:00,130 [INFO] com.nokia.mobile.services.driver.common.httpsrv.
    HTTPServerEngine: Starting HTTP server engine
    [java] 13:57:00,130 [DEBUG] com.nokia.mobile.services.driver.common.httpsrv
    .HTTPServerEngine: Creating unsecured server socket
    [java] 13:57:00,260 [ERROR] com.nokia.mobile.services.driver.common.httpsrv
    .HTTPServerEngine: Cannot create server socket
    [java] java.net.BindException: Address in use: JVM_Bind
    [java] at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.socketBind(Native Method)
    [java] at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.bind(PlainSocketImpl.java:405)
    [java] at java.net.ServerSocket.<init>(ServerSocket.java:170)
    [java] at java.net.ServerSocket.<init>(ServerSocket.java:82)
    [java] at com.nokia.mobile.services.driver.common.httpsrv.HTTPServerEng
    [java] at com.nokia.mobile.services.driver.mms.eaif.MMSEngineImpl.conne
    [java] at com.nokia.mobile.services.examples.MMSServiceApp.main(MMSServ
    [java] Cannot create server socket[nested: [Address in use: JVM_Bind]]
    [java] 13:57:00,270 [INFO] com.nokia.mobile.services.driver.common.httpsrv.
    HTTPServerEngine: Stopping HTTP server engine
    [java] 13:57:00,270 [DEBUG] com.nokia.mobile.services.driver.common.httpsrv
    .HTTPServerEngine: The server thread has been interrupted - should stop running
    [java] 13:57:00,270 [DEBUG] com.nokia.mobile.services.driver.common.httpsrv
    .HTTPServerEngine: Sending notification to worker objects that they should close
    the HTTP connections
    [java] 13:57:00,300 [DEBUG] com.nokia.mobile.services.driver.common.httpsrv
    .HTTPServerEngine: Waiting for worker objects to finish for 100 miliseconds
    [java] 13:57:00,400 [INFO] com.nokia.mobile.services.driver.common.httpsrv.
    HTTPServerEngine: HTTP server engine stopped


    Total time: 2 seconds

    I got slightly differnet error messages when I tried the example in the 1.1 library but neither versions could create a server socket.

    Sorry if this is an obvious mistake but I'm really stuck now.

    Where am I going wrong?

    Thanks in advance


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    JVM_Bind error

    Hi... I'm having the same problem. I just can&acute;t bind to the terminating emulator with my originating application. I guess it shouldn't show this error, as I am not using the same port.

    Any ideas?


    Rodrigo Melga&ccedil;o

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