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    NFC SWP HCI test pattern

    Hi All,
    Iam trying to verify NFC HCI design, for that i need to write testcase mentioned in TS HCI 102 622 specification, in the specification there are testcase with test procedures, i would like to know what would be the S1 & S2 data for all the test procedures? if anyone can help on that it would be great.


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    Re: NFC SWP HCI test pattern

    HI there, Paul and welcome to the discussion boards!

    I wonder if this is still a relevant matter to you or have you found a solution yet?

    I know there are commercial testing solutions at least, which allow you to do HCI simulation/testing according to ETSI TS 102 613 (SWP) and ETSI TS 102 622 (HCI) with adjustable logical SWP/HCI protocol parameters, error simulation and S1/S2-signal at C6 contact - with adjustable current value for S2 plus measurement of voltage (S1) and current (S2).

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