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    Qt 4.8 for belle but not for anna ?

    NOKIA Bella FP1 has Qt 4.8 http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...re_change_logs

    But I can't find installation sis files for Anna.
    And QtSDK don't povide 4.8 for symbian
    Why ?

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    Re: Qt 4.8 for belle but not for anna ?

    Because while a new version of Qt has been released, there is not enough new APIs/features to justify a new SDK target. An app built with SDK's Anna-based Qt 4.7.4 target will work on Anna and on Belle or Belle FP1 target so it's the one target to would want to use anyhow.
    The app will still benefit from performance enhancements and bug fixes when run on a device which is Qt 4.8 based.
    -- Lucian

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