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Thread: USSD Timeout

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    USSD Timeout

    Anyone have an issue of USSD prompts taking too long to process? And is it a general Windows Phone issue or A Nokia issue? As tested from a Lumia 800.

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    Re: USSD Timeout

    in general I would suppose most time of the service is spend on waiting the reply from the network service.

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    Re: USSD Timeout

    Hi guys,

    I've just bought a marvellous lumia 800, however, I'm encountering the same issue.

    @Nokia Development Team: is it possible to get a patch for WP7.5 to handle correctly USSD? as you know (already many forums are raising this issue) this is OS issue. Would you be able to correct it or make a workaround? This is a little bit shameful for nokia image as all your former devices did not have such issue. Especially, if you are targeting 'development countries' market such as china, india etc... USSD is very useful as they are mainly prepaid market... Please solve this issue asap!!!


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    Re: USSD Timeout

    Hi there, hrika and welcome to the discussion board!

    Thank you, I personally feel really good that you have liked your new Lumia phone! =)

    I am sorry for any inconvenience that you have must felt because of the USSD related issue reported.

    I fully understand your point and I have now pushed your message on to the appropriate team for further processing. I hope we will have a resolution to this as soon as possible.

    Me or someone else working here will keep you posted here whenever we have an update to this case.

    Keep up the good work and thank you for the feedback!

    Best Regards,
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR][I]Marko Lumivuori
    Technical Support
    +358 40 8019330

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