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    Open Ovi Store programmatically QT/QML


    I've found some solutions to this problem.
    Want to open Ovi Store directly on application itself from QML, but we can use QT/C++ if there is no other way.


    Isn't there some API from Nokia released ?
    Tasks are:
    1 -> Get self application ID
    2 -> Open Ovi Store internal application (not the web interface) from within the application


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    Re: Open Ovi Store programmatically QT/QML

    1 ) you can always get the UID of the application when running it in Symbian device, f.ex. you could get it from the process, anyway, there is no ways on getting Store ID, if you were looking for it.

    2) AFAIK Store application does not have any public API on how to utilize it from external application, so the web thing is probably the best way available.

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