I was referred to posting here by a mod over on the main forum.

The question is- I'm am amateur photography and was wondering if a "vignette" feature could be added on to the on-board photo editor in the N8 (and I assume the 808 will receive a similar editor).

I don't always like running to LightRoom with my pics from the phone and I find the editor to be quite good in many cases, but it's missing vignetting, which is a fairly standard tool used by most photographers.

The other portion is if a fine rotation feature can be a possibility. Not the 90 degree one that we have, but something that works in degrees or fractions of degrees to just help with some minor axis-correction.

I believe the second feature, due to the form factor of the phone, would be highly beneficial as it's not always easy to hold 100% straight, even with grid lines.

Both are photographer's cell phones, free from the "cataracts"-laden type of processing junk I see from other phones, but in some cases, it just needs that little extra to put it over the top, especially since they produce real images that look like they come from a real camera.