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    How to create an item each having 3 rows

    Hello , I want to display an item having 3 strings like:

    second string
    third string (font, color need to be customised for this string)

    and I need to use MList related widgets (need to produce c++ based code & not QML based code )

    Does "a custom cell creator" using :
    MAbstractCellCreator<MContentItem> or MAbstractCellCreator<MYCREATEDContentItem>

    needs to be created for this purpose ?

    or are there any widgets i can make use of for this type of item to be shown in a list ?

    how do i get spacing at the start for second & third string?

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    Re: How to create an item each having 3 rows


    There are some existing like this, please check if this suits to you requirement.

    You can use QT too for it, a method to do it is given here, where custom item can be written as per the requirement, this shall be easier than customizing using MAbstractCellCreator.

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